Kevin Frost, Artist and Internet Technologist


Thanks for stopping by my woefully outdated mini-site. Here you will find general information on my technological and artistic activities.

I hope to update this page soon, but I bet you’ve heard that one before. This being the internet and all.

I am a visual artist, an internet technologist, a writer, a gourmand and bon vivant. By day I work as a lead software engineer fighting spam for a major multinational corporation. By night I paint, and occasionally cook up a crazy little project for the Web.

I live in the Berlin, Germany; and spend a lot of time in Budapest, Hungary and in various parts of my native California.

Current Projects

In addition to my “day career” in internet engineering, I work on various tinkery little projects around the Webosphere.

Mostly all is quiet and stealthy, but you could take a moment to tell me what’s what over on This Like That.

Professional Profile

I work as a team- and thought-leader on complex mission-critical systems that have a direct positive influence on customers’ lives and, by natural extension, on profitability. Most of my work involves the so-called Cloud and the cloudy technologies that shine therein. I also write bits of software for fun.

I’m happily employed and not looking for a new job, but I always like to hear about great ideas that can change society for the better and make money doing it.



I do not have a CV online at the moment, as the one I had up was very old, and did I mention I’m not looking for a job?

Artistic Activities

I studied studio art at university and have been active as a painter, graphic artist, and conceptual/internet artist since 1991.

My style is internally consistent. It contains multitudes: from the rigorously abstract to the messily figurative, from flat to round, from here to there, from then to now and back again.

Some of my art relates directly to my work as an engineer; most of it does not.


Q: What do you paint?
A: Pictures, not houses.
Q: What media?
A: Anything and everything, with a bias towards oils when I have the ventilation and synthetic gouache when I don't.
Q: Influences?
A: Max Beckmann, Edward Gorey, Josef Beuys, Gerhard Richter, Wong Kar-Wai, Tivadar Csontváry, Josef Sudek, Ilia Kabakov, Irving Penn, Marcel Duchamp, Andrei Tarkovsky, Horst Jannsen, and Werner Herzog, to name just a few.
Q: Where can I see more?


There is no longer a contact form on this site, but I am easy enough to find on the usual social-media outlets. Hint: the domain name is my username.

Again, thanks for stopping by!